Terms & Conditions

Client Authorization:

The individual signing this timesheet is an authorized representative of the client company and is hereby unconditionally accepting the following terms and conditions.

  1. Workforce Inc. requires a signed agreement prior to the release of confidential employee information or the release of an employee.
  2. The client agrees that there is a minimum charge of three (3) hours per employee per day.  This applies when the employee is directed by Workforce and the client verbally, or in writing to be at work on a designated date for a specific duration of time, even if the employee doesn't begin the actual work.
  3. All hours worked in excess of 8 hours per day, week-ends and Statutory Holidays will be billable to the client at the rate of time and one-half the regular bill rate. (Unless terms otherwise agreed upon)
  4. The client understands and agrees that by authorizing a Workforce timesheet, the employee hours worked  were performed in a satisfactory manner and that the client accepts to be billed at the agreed upon hourly rate.
  5. Workforce adheres to the Labor Standards as defined in the Ontario Employment Standards Act.  Temporary contract employees will be paid vacation pay, statutory holidays, and overtime as per the Act.
  6. The client understands and agrees that the employee remains an employee of Workforce for a period of one year.
  7. In the event that the client decides to permanently hire a temporary employee, it is understood that a minimum transfer period of 800 hours will apply. If the request occurs prior to the completion of the 800 hour term, a pro-rated placement fee will be charged based upon the employees hours worked to date.
  8. The client agrees to provide our employee with supervision, including instructions and information on the company safety rules and guidelines, which must include those of the site where they are working.  Our employee will be responsible to be job ready with the basic PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) requirements. Costs of additional PPE, equipment and training may be the burden of the client.
  9. The client agrees to give authorization to Workforce or any of its employees any access to the clients Health and Safety policies and procedures at anytime upon request including while on any work site, and before, during, or after any placement of any employee.
  10. All provided employees are covered by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board.
  11. The client will completely insure all of their buildings, machinery and/or vehicles (whether leased or owned) with public liability, property damage, collision, fire and theft coverage: Workforce and its employees will have full benefit and protection of such insurances.  The client shall ensure and document that the employee is properly skilled and qualified in the operation of any machinery, tools, equipment or vehicles prior to the employee attempting any such operations.
  12. Workforce will not be responsible for, and does not cover by insurance any damage to property, bodily injury, fire, theft, collision, or public liability claims resulting from an employee operating any of the client's motor vehicles, tools or other machinery.
  13. It is understood and agreed that the client will completely insure all cargo and merchandise handled by any employee.  It is also agreed by the client that Workforce has no responsibility or liability for shortages or losses resulting from any damage, theft, or negligence on behalf of any employee.
  14. Workforce does not authorize or recommend that the client accept or offer cash advances to any employee.  Workforce and management are not responsible for any debts incurred by any employee while employed and on placement with the client.
  15. Workforce employees are under the care and control of the client's organization.  In the event that the employee becomes ill, or is injured while employed at the clients premises or any of its affiliates; It is the clients responsibility to arrange transportation to the nearest hospital or medical facility that will provide proper medical care. Workforce will require a detailed incident report should an employee become ill or injured and all information should be directed to Workforce Management immediately.
  16. Invoices will be issued weekly. All invoices will be paid in terms net 10 days.

Candidate Agreement:

Each candidate identified on this timesheet for payment is unconditionally accepting all terms and conditions.

  1. The candidate will not borrow money from the client and will be responsible for all delinquent debts incurred in the candidate’s name.
  2. Timesheets must be signed by the client. All unsigned timesheets will not be accepted. In order to receive a paycheque, a signed timesheet must be presented to Workforce Inc. by the candidate. Failure to do so may result in a delay in receiving a paycheque.
  3. The candidate shall under no circumstances seek or accept direct offers of temporary or permanent employment without discussing with a representative of Workforce management.
  4. The candidate will notify Workforce of any reason why he/she cannot report to an assignment, including lateness, sickness, or leave of absence.