The North’s solution
to strategic human resource
consultation and supply.


Workforce North provides Labour Planning and Management Solutions to Northern Ontario’s Mining Sector.


Our client integrated model best anticipates and mitigates labour demands to ensure that only quality, trained individuals are sourced, screened and deployed to get the job done…and most importantly, to do so safely.


We assist our clients to plan ahead for the labour they will require to help eliminate the last minute “labour crunch.” Our business supports production, development and maintenance with:

  • Temporary and Permanent Labour
  • Project Personnel
  • Payroll Functions
  • International Recruitment
  • Workforce works with your organization to identify your business needs, not only specific to your industry but to the functions specific to your operations. It is our job to make staffing recommendations based on your need’s to manage the present and invest in your future.
  • Our candidates are screened, qualified to their submission, verified of their experience and tested on their ability based entirely on the detailed job description we have defined.
  • Our responsibility is to counsel and prepare all successfully identified employees, prior to deployment, to ensure communication is evident and expectations defined and are not only met but exceeded.
  • After the successful candidate is selected, Workforce maintains the employer employee relationship essential in the success of our obligations to you, our client.


In addition to the process, Workforce holds full responsibility to the financial burdens of WSIB, EHT, CPP, EI, Income Tax, Vacation Pay, Statutory Holidays, Records of Employment, Recruitment and Screening, Retention and Dismissal and all Employee Documentation.

Workforce has identified the benefit and apparent resource requirement and has proudly become a pioneer in the North establishing First Nations partnerships while assisting with managing business relationships necessary to be successful in execution.



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