A Global Workforce
Made Local

  • Who We Are

  • Workforce International is the division of the Workforce Group of Companies that focuses on the sourcing, acquisition, mobilization, training and deployment of permanent and Temporary Foreign Workers in the mining, construction,
    hospitality, oil, gas, and power industries.Our mission is to be the leading provider of turn-key international labour supply solutions.

Workforce International holds its head office in Sudbury, Ontario, with satellite offices in Shanghai, China and Santiago, Chile.  We also have international recruitment partners and experience in;Europe, Central America, South America, Asia, and Africa.


Workforce International operates in five key areas;

  • Labour Planning and International Labour Alternatives
  • International Recruitment
  • Training, Certification and Talent Pool Development
  • Immigration and Settlement Services
  • Complete Payroll Services

What We Do


Workforce International offers a variety of domestic and international recruitment services that are customized to fit the specific needs of our clients.  We understand that each employer we work with will have different labour needs, schedules, and desires, and our connections into various and widespread international markets allow us to satisfy these specific requirements in a focused, client-friendly way.  Through established connections, local knowledge, and compiled research, we are able to offer detailed information on;
  • Where potential candidates exist
  • What skills are available in various markets….and which markets best suit our individual clients
  • What the potential risks and immigration constraints might be
  • What the various cultures entail and how potential workers will adapt to Canada
  • What regional situations look like (environment & politics) and the key drivers that might make potential workers consider relocating

Our International Recruitment Program


Once we establish our client’s needs and gain a full understanding of how we can best help them, we then move forward to provide our International Recruitment program, which includes;

  • Client needs assessments to identify target positions and suitable potential markets
  • Facilitation of Labour Market Opinion (LMO) applications
  • Candidate pooling and initial screening
  • Candidate assessments, interviews, training & certifications (if necessary)*, and employment offers
  • Verifications of background checks, including education and employment references
  • Successful work permit applications through Citizenship & Immigration Canada
  • Travel planning, arrangements and settlement services
*Workforce International has established partnerships with training providers and educational institutions throughout Canada, which enables us to perform assessments or provide training to Temporary Foreign Workers either overseas or within Canada, ensuring prospective workers have the skills to meet Canadian requirements and standards.
As a result of growing labour shortages within Canada due to an ageing population and an increase in activity in the resource sectors, companies need to become creative in their approach to completing projects and service obligations.  It is now recognized by government and industry that this approach must include an international labour strategy, and understanding where realistic candidate pools exist is critical to successful staffing and recruitment programs.  Workforce International can assist companies in understanding world markets, provide relevant and region-specific labour market information, and provide useable data to help build strong global recruitment programs for our clients.



We offer a full recruitment package

    Not only can we attract critical employees from a global pool to satisfy labour demands, but alongside these efforts we can also improve the efficiency and productivity of existing employees and processes, provide smart retention strategies, and coordinate completely outsourced solutions to current human resource challenges.


    We offer a fully integrated solution


    Our recruitment model focuses on locating, attracting, mobilizing, and retaining critical employees from a global talent pool, and our qualified consultants will keep our clients informed throughout the process…every step of the way.


    We compliment existing resources


    It is not our goal to replace local hiring, but rather to work with our clients and their internal teams to maximize and combine effective recruitment solutions, acquiring and retaining the talent they need in order to make their business and projects successful.


    We think differently


    Most staffing firms focus on finding and recycling domestic and regional talent pools, and although local markets have many highly skilled individuals, the current demand for skilled workers far surpasses the talent pools currently available.





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